Shrine boxes in the shop

I’ve added another four shrine boxes to the shop. These are compact, lightweight boxes that I’ve carefully painted to make them small niches or little sacred spaces that can be used right away. In a way, these came from my work with the Virtual Temple Project and sacred space-building more generally. Although they might look simple, I feel they embody some of my personal work that I find hard to put into words.

IMG_3726I’ve made these in a range of sizes to suit different pieces of statuary and other sacred items. I’ve been using them on my personal ancestral spaces and other altars.

IMG_3734The medium ones (like the one pictured here with the skull) measure just under 5″ (inside measurement). Each box is painted by hand and finished with a light coat of varnish; because they’re ultimately made with flammable materials, I suggest candles be burned a reasonable distance away from the boxes – clearly the candle here is just for show!

IMG_3749This red and white shrine box has a ribbon hanger on the back so it can be carefully hung from a wall or other vertical surface. You could keep a couple lightweight items in it.

IMG_3744Click on any of the pictures to be taken to the Etsy listing. I’ll be adding another two larger shrine boxes pretty soon (I’ll let you know here once I do). I’ve got several more in the works and I’m hopeful they’ll be done in another week or so.


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