Divination Services

Divination can be an excellent way to obtain answers to complicated spiritual questions. It can provide comfort in uncertainty, clarity in confusion, and a course of action in distressing times. Utilizing a combination of skill, intuition, and the insight of many years of study and practice, readers like myself can help people discover a new perspective on their problems.

What Can Divination Do for Me?
Gaining a new perspective on matters of spiritual development, including personal practice, can help you make meaningful changes and develop solutions that will help you accomplish your goals. Problems you may not have considered can be identified and then addressed in a more effective manner. This can help refine your practice and lead you to new vistas of spiritual success and well-being.

What Does a Reading Include?
An email reading is conducted in my home using the query sent by my client. This query guides the formulation of the questions that will be asked of the divining tool. The reading is performed and documented for the client’s later reference. A report of the reading is scarf5.JPGprepared and then sent to the client along with pictures of the card spread. These readings take 45 – 60 minutes to complete and are currently priced at $45.

Do You Do In-Person Readings?
I occasionally book local clients and may offer divination services at events like PantheaCon when I am able to do so. If you will be at PantheaCon or another event I’m presenting at and would like to schedule a reading with me, please contact me and let me know when you will be attending; please note that not all events allow readings and even those that do have rules that have to be followed about when and where professional readings can take place.

What Tools Do You Use?
I primarily  use divination cards for my professional work, both tarot and oracle decks. My current decks are:
-Tarot of the Sweet Twilight
-Welcome to Night Vale Tarot
-Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot
-The Ostara Tarot
-The Slutist Tarot
-Fenestra Tarot
-Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot
-Ceccoli Oracle
-Earthbound Oracle
-The Numinous Tarot
-Oracle of Arcane Bullshit (especially good for spirit workers!)

I also do tea leaf and coffee ground readings, although these are best done in person. If you are in the Salt Lake City area, email me at salinespirit at gmail dot com to schedule a reading.

How Can I Request a Reading?
Begin by reading the fine print below, then filling in the contact form with your name, email address, and a short description of your concern; if you have a preference of which deck to use in your reading, please include that, too. I will promptly follow up with you to confirm your reading; a PayPal invoice will be sent to the client. Once the invoice is paid, the reading will take place. A report will take 1 – 3 days to complete and be sent back to the client; if a longer delay is anticipated I will let you know.


The Fine Print – Reading Policies
Occasionally I am unable to conduct a reading for a client; this is usually because I feel too close to the situation or too familiar with their request and fear being unable to give a truly professional answer. In this case, I will offer to refer you to another reader who might be able to help. All queries are accepted on a case-by-case basis and the professional agreement may be ended at any time by either party. No refunds will be issued once the report has been sent. Client reports are retained for a limited time and then destroyed.

Ethically and legally speaking, divination is not a substitute for medical advice, financial advice, legal advice, mental health services, or any other professional service and is for entertainment only; concerns regarding these topics should be handled by people trained and qualified to do so. While I might provide a spiritual and religious perspective on these matters *in addition to* all other relevant services you have sought, any query that I feel would be better served by a doctor, lawyer, psychologist, or other professional will be turned down and the reading fee refunded. If you like, I can provide some references that might help you find someone better qualified to address your circumstances.