Virtual Temple to Loki Herself

The Norse god Loki is a Power both famous and infamous. Of Loki’s numerous aspects and expressions, the feminine facet of Loki’s personality has perhaps been most obscure. Prolonged ritual engagement has helped more fully manifest the distinct nature of Loki Herself in this world. I felt it fitting that the first Virtual Temple Project video be dedicated to Her.

This virtual Loki temple consists of numerous elements including a handmade icon, an altar, altar cloth, candles, incense, drinking horn, offering bowl, supports for the bowl and other items, artwork evocative of Loki, flowers, perfume and other offerings. The temple space is delineated with the help of curtains and drapery designed expressly for this purpose.

Multiple temple videos are planned and will be offered as a community service to worshipers, especially those within the polytheist and pagan communities. Prayer rolls will be used to deliver petitions to this sacred space.

How Can I Add My Name or Petition to the Prayer Roll?
The prayer roll/petition roll is a piece of paper presented at the altar during worship; new prayer rolls will be prepared for each video. This is a good way to call Loki’s attention to concerns affecting you or people you know.

To have your name added to the petition roll, please email with the name you want included or with a word or phrase regarding your concern. This information is seen only by me and is used only for purposes of preparing the prayer rolls. The rolls themselves will be destroyed following their use.

Adding a name or petition to the prayer roll is a service freely offered. You can support this service through monetary donations and through project promotion.

How Can I Help?
The virtual Loki temple is maintained by me (Silence). I’ve designed and built the space expressly for the purposes of the Virtual Temple Project. It will continue as long as I am able and allowed to do so. As this is a service being offered to the greater polytheist community, it is only fitting that community members be given opportunities to contribute to this project’s longevity.

One-time and recurring monetary donations can be sent via PayPal to

Please be sure to indicate that the donation is for the virtual Loki temple. This money will go towards furnishing, maintaining, and building the temple and its presence online.

Sponsoring Temple Activity
Sponsorship is another way to support temple activities. The following sponsorship levels are currently available:

  • Candle sponsorship – $10
  • Incense sponsorship – $10
  • Flower sponsorship – $20
  • Icon adornment sponsorship (a necklace and stole) – $30
  • Altar cloth sponsorship – $30

The items sponsored are used expressly for worship and are featured in temple videos. Once they have been used, a remaining portion (used candles, leftover incense, dried flower petals, adornment item) is sent to the sponsor for use in personal devotion and worship. To sponsor, send the corresponding amount via PayPal to and indicate what is being sponsored and your mailing address.

Sponsors and other donors will be thanked in video credits; please indicate your name (first name and last initial suggested) or anonymity in the PayPal message field.

What Comes Next?
Starting with a single video, this project will be carried into the future with subsequent videos of subsequent worship activities. This will allow people fresh participation and the opportunity to help shape the development of the virtual Loki temple.

If donations ever exceed basic operating and maintenance costs (such as the acquisition of non-sponsored supplies and repairs to worn out or damaged temple elements) funds will be used to improve temple elements. These improvements could potentially include the acquisition of new temple décor, commissioning works of art for temple use, commissioning decorative or ritual items for temple use, and improving video technology.