Home from Many Gods West

I finally arrived home from Many Gods West last night around 9pm, after once again getting stranded by my city’s non-existent evening bus service. Thankfully a neighbor was able to give me a lift. My cat is, to all appearances, no more excited to have me home than she is every time I come home but she is quite keen on having me close to the bed which she regards as snuggle central.

There are lots of things I could potentially write about the weekend but I’m not quite sure which I want to talk about and how I wish to talk about them. Indeed, any write-up regarding the event and my experiences are likely to occur later this month since it’s going to take a while for the effects to settle in and become obvious. That said, I did have a largely positive experience and the problems were of my own making and/or related to my own subjective experience and not to the nature or organization of the event itself.

Though I don’t personally feel myself to be a creature distinct from a big tent assemblage of pagan identities, it is a refreshing and healing experience to be in a place that prioritizes polytheist belief, practice, and experience. It is a good thing, a very good thing, to feel accepted at face value as a Loki worshiper instead of having to simply leave it out of conversation. (My experience of identifying as a Lokean has been problematic enough in the past that I find it easier to simply not bring it up under most circumstances.)

I treated my attendance much like a business trip, because in many ways it was. This is part of my job as a writer (and part of my job as a spirit worker). I came away with a number of new writing projects as well as a venue for one particular article I started not too long ago. I’ll fill you in on these projects as they move forward.

For the moment my attention is focused on catching up on the several hours I missed from my day job as well as the several days I missed from my freelance job. This weekend I’m making a final supply run for materials required for the hand bound copies of Worshiping Loki; I’ll also spend some time cutting the rest of the 40 cover boards and getting them ready. The pre-order was very successful and I’m very excited to move into the next stage of this project.


8 thoughts on “Home from Many Gods West

    • Silence says:

      It was a real pleasure to meet you; I certainly hope we can talk more in the future. Thanks also for coming to my session. It’s a brand new presentation so there’s still lots of things to work out so I really value having people show up and let me share what’s important to me.


  1. The Black Stone Hermitage says:

    Happy to see this post. I was concerned that I had to leave while you were not feeling so well! Glad you made it home without too many extra hassles.

    It was such a pleasure to meet you and chat with you! I’m way behind on my responsibilities due to the time I spent at MGW, so I need to keep this short so I can catch up. I’ll be in touch later about the prayer beads and such. And thank you SO much for the beaded necklace for the shrine! I love it. Take good care of yourself, OK? More later!


    • Silence says:

      Sunday was rough health-wise; I suspect it was in part because I was operating on so little sleep. 😛 (That said, yeah, I am going to go see that neurologist sooner or later.) I’m so happy we got to catch up! Yes, take care of yourself and then get in touch about your beads. I picked up some beading wire this afternoon as I was just going to contact you myself about them. You can email me at salinespirit@gmail.com if you like.


  2. Fairygal says:

    Many Gods West was definitely a very fun weekend. I think my favorite parts were the following panels: The Ancestral worship one, talk about devotion, the talk about Monsters, and the ritual held by the Coru Priesthood.

    Definitely a fun weekend


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