Almost back to mostly normal

This whole week has been spent trying to catch up with all the sleep I lost at and prior to Many Gods West. I also gave in to the impulse to do a bit of sculpting with clay that I’ve been strenuously holding back for, um, several years. (Don’t ask why; some projects just don’t get to be done right away.) So I’ve been quite deep in little blocks of polymer clay making little figures that I might post about soon.

Instead of any deeply meaningful or nuanced post, I’ll talk a little about some of the projects on my plate.

First, I’ve submitted a proposal to present at PantheaCon 2016. I won’t know until closer to the end of the year if I’m accepted, so here’s hoping. I’m actually thinking of submitting a second proposal – yikes!

I’ve been working on an article for about 5 months that was initially intended as a submission to Witches & Pagans. I didn’t take 5 months to write; it took 3 months to think about and 2 to write. At the end I had a piece that I wasn’t too ashamed of – but it turned out not to be a good fit for the publication. However, thanks to Ms. Niven’s suggestions, the piece might just find a home in another publication. I’m working on a different submission for W&P now and this one is going much faster. You just might see a little article from me in the February edition! (Just to be clear, no submission has been accepted so I’m not making any promises.)

Of the many fruitful and engaging conversations I had at Many Gods West, a few of them provided some ideas for future writing projects. One might at some point appear on polytheist . com, which would be a real treat. Again, I can’t say anything for certain right now but I am working on something that I’m going to toss their way.

The proofread manuscript for Worshiping Loki has been returned to me, so the next step is integrating the necessary changes into the print-ready file. The stack of cover boards is growing! I’ll take some pictures when the light is a little better.

Speaking of cover boards, now that my break is over I’m going to get back to slicing. 🙂

Oh – and check out my friend Jolene’s Patreon page. Jolene writes pagan-inspired fiction that’s just lovely. Setting up a Patreon campaign was a big undertaking for her and I’m so proud that it’s a real thing now. Visit her page and consider checking out her work.


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