Final days of Worshiping Loki preorder and a flash sale!

The end of July approaches, which means that the pre-order sale of hand bound copies of Worshiping Loki: A Short Introduction is nearly over. The price will rise on August 1st. There are only six copies remaining. (Follow the link for information on how to order.)


I know things have been really quiet around here; sorry if you’ve missed my content. Travel, even for positive things, is a big source of stress for me. Though I enjoy being other places and exploring new locations, the process of getting there and back again is a big challenge. I’m really excited to be sharing material I care about with other polytheists at Many Gods West, though the prospect of meeting new people is also a cause for some anxiety. (I’m socially awkward in that “you don’t get out of the house much?” kind of way.) Curiously enough, I’m quite happy speaking in front of people, so at least that part is a beacon of relative calm.

All this stress has made me quite self-absorbed; I’ve been very focused on my jobs and on preparing my presentation (it’s done, yay!!). I haven’t had much desire or energy to blog. I’ve not doubt that as MGW passes out of my mental radar I’ll feel more chatty here. I’m actually working on a post about discernment right now; hopefully it’ll be finished really soon.

grnblk5To thank everyone for all their support during the pre-order and the madness of conference prep, I’m doing a flash sale on my Etsy store. From now till August 3rd, you can use the coupon code ENDOFJULY15 for 10% off anything EXCEPT custom devotional books (this coupon also can’t be applied to Worshiping Loki pre-orders, as that isn’t being done through Etsy). I’ve got lots of prayer beads and deity icon necklaces available, as well as Odin and Loki devotionals. All orders will be processed on Monday and Tuesday. Tarot readings *might* be able to be done over the weekend, as I’ll have at least one deck of cards with me at MGW, though I’ll communicate with clients individually to process these orders.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing some of you at Many Gods West this weekend. I encourage you to show me pictures of your kitties and puppies and birds and snakes. This has been a wonderfully exciting month. Not only has Worshiping Loki moved forward – I have a stack of prepared cover boards here on the table! – I’ll be working with a local Thelemite with print design skills to prepare the paper edition. I should have the edited manuscript soon so I can begin formatting the electronic versions, too. I’ve had loads of work at my freelance job, which has given me the financial power to pay down some of my medical bills and help out some friends and colleagues along the way. Traveling is always expensive but I think it’ll take me weeks to recover rather than months and that’s a major improvement.

So thanks again, everyone.


4 thoughts on “Final days of Worshiping Loki preorder and a flash sale!

  1. moonfire2012 says:

    Sorry about the typos. I hate this tiny ipad keyboard. Im making Loki sex bomb candles with strawberry/champagne oil, vanilla/sandLwood, and a little cinnamon and apple blossom. Its been an interesting experiment.


  2. moonfire2012 says:

    Assoon as I can afford kt, this will be on my top ten list of need based devotional items for purchase. This devotional is so lovely!


    • Silence says:

      Thank you! The devotionals are loads of fun to design. I can’t wait to work on the next ones. (There won’t be any more till the copies of Worshiping Loki are out the door but I’ve got a little formatting done on the next one and I’m planning the one after that. Very exciting. 😀 )

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