Worshiping Loki pre-order update


Just a reminder: the pre-order period for the hand bound copies of the forthcoming Worshiping Loki: A Short Introduction closes at the end of the month! There are still a few copies left but I’m not expecting them to be around for long. If you’re interested in owning a copy of your own, I’d suggest getting on this month rather then waiting till August when the price will rise a bit.

I’ve purchased the first batch of supplies. Above you can see a fresh roll of premium Japanese bookcloth; it has a lovely silk moire-like texture and a rich berry color. The glue I use has a neutral pH, which helps preserve the quality of paper in the long term. It’s a little more expensive than standard paper glue but for a project like this, archival glue is the right tool.

Here you can see the first stack of cut cover boards. The books I make have two primary portions, the text block and the cover assembly. Since all these books are going to be the same, I can make a stack of prepared covers ahead of time. I’ll prepare twenty cover assemblies, cover them with the decorative paper seen above, so that when the manuscript is ready and printed, all I have to do is make the text blocks. After that, each one will be put together before being signed and consecrated in a special ritual.

As stated in the pre-order post, I’m anticipating mailing the books in mid-August. Everyone who purchased a copy will be alerted when this takes place.

I’m also making progress on the general release of the book. I’m working with a print designer with an occult/pagan background, so we’re sure to get a really nice looking volume.

Other than working on the book I’m busy preparing for Many Gods West, finishing an article draft for Witches & Pagans, and might even pick up a manuscript that I’ve been neglecting. I’ve also been busy adding new items to the Etsy shop so be sure to check that out.

I expect things will keep being quiet here for a little while. Summer is a busy time for me work-wise, which is great. Unfortunately that means less time for things like blogging. You’re all in my thoughts though, and I appreciate you sticking with me.


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