The Astral and You: Finding Your Astral Self

The subject of the astral self is one that has gotten shamefully little explanation within esoteric polytheism. Even among spirit workers this subject can be frequently taboo for frustratingly complex and ambiguous reasons. Yes, individuals had and have very good reasons for not talking openly about these things. There is immeasurable pain bound up in the astral lives of those who have gone before you, before me, before those I have learned from, and before those they have learned from. When a person begs for information on the nature of the astral self, they beg to hear about intimate traumas, betrayals, and failures.

But –

The pain that I, my teachers, and their teachers have endured in our astral aspects does not negate the very real suffering that people experience as they emerge into a fuller awareness of their potential as astral beings. These are growing pains that have been suffered alone and silently for generations and I’m sorry that you’ve inherited such a dearth of useful information. It’s because your ancestors in the Work have been traumatized, sometimes beyond reasonable recovery. Take a look at the threads, if you’re able. Take a look at this heritage and you will see a legacy of muted misery endured in solitude. You will see how cruel the gods can be.

But –

This is changing. The evolution pressed forward by the efforts of these elders has emerged and different outcomes are now possible. There is a greater willingness to talk about the things that happen to the astral self and there is a growing awareness that these things are real and that they have distinct impacts on the portions of the self that aren’t specifically astral.

Me, my teachers, their teachers, and their teachers weren’t the ones to record the lessons of the astral self. Yeah, there’s information out there for the finding but it’s skimpy and ultimately not terribly helpful except for providing a few dozen words to echo your private experiences. The need outweighs what’s currently available. If the mystics and Workers and devotionalists and magicians and seekers who have more recently entered this current combine what they know and shake off the trauma-bound reluctance of the past, a body of knowledge can be created that may help to boost this emerging stage.

So I’m suggesting that you talk amongst yourselves. I can’t, won’t, and don’t wish to contribute to this conversation at this point (or, let’s be honest, ever). But I will encourage the conversation to continue because this knowledge has the potential to relieve the suffering of the future.


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