Book People

I love books. I love books as an item, a medium, and as an icon. I bet many of you do, too.

I began thinking about books as magical items a few years ago. Not magical items in a metaphoric sense or with regards to their ability to transport the reader. Actual magic items, the same as one’s wand or staff or ritual robe or whatever. Items that could impact subtle psychic codes or induce a state that was highly receptive to the author’s message. People who know me personally know I have an appetite for fine press occult books (and now that I think about it, I made a Youtube video about this very subject so now everyone knows about my little hobby). I like these books for many reasons, including because these high-ticket items are not shy about being magical. Many of these volumes are designed to be magical. They are supposed to teach you something besides what the words are telling you. There’s something else that can happen – but only so long as the reader brings the key. It’s a true collaboration of energies

But see, lots of books have very similar principles, even if they have not been designed with esoteric principles in mind. The reader has to bring something to the book and together, something new is generated. Book people understand this. That said, appreciating a book on an esoteric or magical level is pretty exciting.

I started making books because I didn’t have the money to buy fabric for a new sewing project. The whole process was enjoyable and engaging and I got some positive feedback. I kept going and gradually got a little better. I set a pile of little blank books on a table when I vended at a fandom convention and almost all of them sold. I didn’t expect people to respond to them. So I kept making them, still getting better but not really doing much with them.

Then financial peril struck in late December. Some heavy bills hit my checking account at the same time and tore through my living funds and a portion of rent. I had to come up with some money quickly. I finally had the motivation to put the little blank books up for sale online on Etsy after waffling about it for months. And they sold. Not all of them and not right away, but they sold. A going-out-of-business sale at an art store got me a few of the expensive supplies I’d put off buying. I made more and posted more and I’m working on five custom orders. Books are magical for lots of reasons.

I’m still facing some very tight weeks and traveling to PantheaCon is going to be a real challenge (I already bought the plane ticket so I’m kinda locked in) but something new has opened up. I don’t know where I’m going with this particular creative avenue. I know I want to make books as magical items for people and I know I want to continue to refine my skills. Mostly though I just want to make people happy. That’s what gives me the most pleasure.



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