Printing delay (yup)

I don’t know why I thought reprinting Worshiping Loki would be simple when getting it printed in the first place was weirdly complicated. To be clear, the problems I’m encountering both times are not major obstacles or unsolvable problems, just little quirks that are entirely familiar to anyone who has tried to produce any kind of book-related project as well as just a little extra spice I can only attribute to, well, you know.

I won’t go into the nature of these problems because they’re both technical in nature and extremely dull (and also whyyyy – whyyyy do I have to deal with this?? this is supposed to be such an easy project whine whine whine). Really the only thing anyone here cares about is when I’m likely to solve it and get the thing to print. Well. As usual some of this depends on other people. I’ve already had to deal with some time-wasters on this project (both the reprint and the initial run, which is directly connected to why I’m struggling now), and I’m tired of waiting around for other people to decide if they’re going to waste my time and, if so, how much.

Thankfully, the book is ready to go to print as soon as a particular issue is addressed. The money is budgeted and turn-around at the printer shouldn’t take more than a week (although I hate to even estimate that, too). I’m in the process of solving the problems currently facing the reprint as best I can, at pace.

Anyway, you can be sure I’ll keep you updated.


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