Between the Veils, 2022! and reprinting Worshiping Loki!

Between the Veils presents: The Gathering Paths, Presidents Day weekend, Feb 18 – 22, 2022

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be attending Between the Veils: the Gathering Paths as a presenter in February 2022. I’ll be presenting a session called Stones that Live and Breathe, which I hope is as exciting to your iconophilic hearts as it is mine.

I’ve missed you. Really. Come see me and say hi – or come see some of the other presenters. There’ll be good ones. You can learn more about the event at, or on any of their social media accounts – – or


I’m finally reprinting Worshiping Loki. Yes, the little booklet that people have been asking for has not been forgotten. It’s at the printer’s now, I’m hoping it will be ready for pick-up in a couple days. I’ll make a post here when it’s actually in hand and available in the Etsy shop. That’s the best way to get it but if for some reason that’s not an option for you, I can make other arrangements.


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