Still here

I’m still here. The amount of catch-up I have do to with this blog is a bit overwhelming so I’m avoiding it. Every so often I think about an entry I could write and I might even sit down and write out several paragraphs but I leave off before it’s finished and it ends up just languishing in my queue.

I’m working on May’s Patreon perk. It might be a sample from current work on the Heartroad 2 manuscript or it might be another printable. I’ve been working on printable altar backdrops and one is currently available on Etsy.

I’m also busy sewing for a few clients, so I haven’t had time to get back to making more altar cloths. I really like making them but finding fabric isn’t always convenient.

I’m busy studying in preparation of my presentation at Many Gods West. I’ll be revisiting the well-received session on three lady poet-saints and I’m very excited. I’m deep into a book examining Mirabai’s cultural legacy. I’ll also be doing the Advancing Devotional Practice session that I’ve presented at PantheaCon. This session was done at February’s PCon and it was amazing. I’m sure the conversation stimulated at MGW will be just as illuminating.

In addition to may paid sewing work I’ve been volunteering to outfit deities at a few different temples, two local and one distant. This work is a wonderful test of my abilities and gives me wonderful opportunity to learn some very unique skills along the way. It’s work of spiritual excellence as much as it is of technical and artistic excellence; I feel immensely grateful and humble to have these opportunities and it’s truly wonderful to be able to give back to communities that have been so gracious and welcoming to me.

I’m very much enjoying getting back to doing divination for clients. Each reading I do is a chance to become better and I’m hoping to find time to study more in-depth sometime later this year. Even though I’ve been reading professionally for 17 years I still feel like I have lots to learn.

Thanks for sticking with me. I have so many, many projects I want to work on. I’ve chosen to re-do the recordings of the audio book for Worshiping Loki so that project is a bit on hold. I’m writing an outline of another audio project. I’ll record it eventually. I keep wanting to quit one of my jobs so that I’ll have time to actually do these things but as it is I can’t afford to. I’m still hoping to find new employment that will increase my earning so that I can decrease my working hours in order to focus on art but nothing’s come through. Anyway, thanks again.


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