Issue fixed – I hope!

Someone just brought to my attention that the contact form on my Divination Services page was not sending me messages like it’s supposed to. I’ve redone the form and tested it out; everything seems to be OK now but it could have been broken for around 2 weeks at this point.

If anyone else has been trying to reach me to request a reading, I apologize for not responding. I simply wasn’t getting the messages and I have no idea where they ended up. It’ll take some digging to solve that mystery. In the meantime, please let me know if you sent a divination request to me and haven’t heard back. I’m definitely not ignoring you; I just never got your message!

In the meantime – well, clearly I’m not blogging very much. I’m currently working on a new batch of altar cloths for the Etsy shop as well as art projects for Patreon supporters and the general public. I’m also busy brushing up my knowledge base for presenting at Many Gods West in Olympia, WA in August, and I’m using any leftover time to work on Heartroad 2. So that’s what I’m doing while not blogging. Sorry to be so very absent; I’m around, just not very vocal here. You can look for the April release of Loki’s virtual temple tomorrow (Patreon supporters got it early!); I did something a little different to celebrate one year of worship videos for Mother Loki. What an amazing year it’s been.


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