Loki’s virtual temple – December 2016

This is December’s installment of Loki’s virtual temple, part of the Virtual Temple Project. Enjoy the contemplative atmosphere and feel free to share the video with others.

There was no November video this year due to illness and being out of state. To make up for this I’m planning a special Winter Solstice video. I’m going to be trying something new so I’m hoping that it turns out nicely.


Donation received to cover October’s expenses of $10; $20 remained and was credited towards November’s expenses; this was used to stock up on some nice incense. Sponsorship of icon adornment ($30) and altar cloth ($30) were also received. A total of $80 was available.

Accounting for November and December 2016

Incense: $10
Flowers: $10
Icon adornment (necklace and velveteen stole): $30
Altar cloth: $30
Total: $80

Sponsor(s) will receive a portion of the item(s) they supported and other ritual items that can be used for personal devotional work. I am very grateful to have received support that helped make possible a very lovely video.


Community support helps sustain Loki’s virtual temple and make possible further developments. More information about donation and sponsorship can be found here.


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