Loki’s virtual temple – December video forthcoming



Filming has been completed for the December installment of Loki’s virtual temple, part of the Virtual Temple Project. This project aims to make polytheist and pagan worship spaces available to people through online multimedia technology, providing virtual space for worship, prayer, contemplation, and reflection. Footage will be edited and released this week.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’ve spent the past several weeks more or less sick. A long stretch of constant migraines began in October and lasted well into November. Several other incidents, including a sudden trip out of state, completely ruined my filming ambitions for Loki’s temple (though Santa Muerte did get a nice special release video). Even though these videos don’t have loads of traction, I am strongly committed to the spirit of the Virtual Temple Project; I also want a consistent record of this regular temple activity since I’ve seen for myself just how strongly and quickly Loki Herself has been manifesting in the past few years. Participating in this effort is wonderful and I want to make that available to others, too.

Even though the actual filming doesn’t usually take very long, setting up the temple space(s), planning the event, obtaining supplies for it, etc. has been surprisingly intensive. Then when it all comes together suddenly She is so distinctly present that I’m surprised every time. It’s amazing, it really is.


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