Loki’s temple; June 2016 (Virtual Temple Project)

The June video of Loki’s temple space has been uploaded to YouTube and can now be viewed, shared, and embedded. Please enjoy this as a tool for worship, meditation, spell work, and contemplation. Feel inspired to participate in the Virtual Temple Project by creating your own polytheist worship spaces and sharing them online.

As this is a project offered to the community, transparency should be exercised. Here’s the financial record for this month’s video.

  • Costs
    Incense: $5
    Candles: $3
    Flowers: $5
    Pomegranate juice $4
  • Income
    Donations: none

Thank you everyone for the kind support you’ve shown this project. If you would like to sponsor offerings of candles, incense, or flowers these are just $10 and you receive a portion of that month’s offerings for your own devotional work. The money covers the price of the item and the cost of shipping goods to you (US shipping is currently only available). You can also make one-time or recurring donations to make this project possible; just use the Paypal donation button on the right side of the page. Even $1 helps offset the cost of temple operation.

Please continue to share these videos with your friends and promote increased accessibility to polytheist worship spaces.


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