Still a bit absent

Thanks everyone for sticking with my blog in the past several weeks. I’ve been busier in May-June than I expected. First I was knocked down with a late spring flu/cold thing that took a couple weeks to really shake. Not long after that I wrenched my back severely trying to move a bunch of things at a flea market I was vending at. Just as soon as I started to feel better I re-injured myself. As a result I’ve fallen a bit behind in my day jobs and have had to make up for days where I had to go home early. All this means that I’ve had less time to be in front of the computer for personal projects like blogging.

I’m slowly feeling a little better. I was accepted into a couple clinical studies as a result of my injuries so I’m not entirely without care or support; it’s just going to take time to get me back to what passes as normal.

I’ve also been busy working with a couple local folks on various projects, none of which will really be discussed here. I haven’t worked much on my own projects. The audio book still languishes on my hard drive and I’ve more or less decided to discontinue the hand bound devotional books; I’ve sold one in the last six months and that’s just not enough to purchase the supplies required for another batch. If you had your heart set on getting an Odin or Loki devotional I’m still happy to make one for you, it’ll just require waiting a few weeks while I get the materials together. (There are $9 in the Loki devotional give-away fund so I might arrange a random drawing for a copy of Worshiping Loki sometime soon.)

Finally, I’m trying to get my funds together to present at Many Gods West in August. The plane ticket is a steep $300+ which can’t be realistically purchased until some medical debt is paid down. I’m getting close but I can’t afford to wait much longer to purchase a ticket.

Despite the health set backs and the perennial problem of not making enough money, things are really pretty alright. I’ve got a lot on my mind and heart right now as you might imagine. I’m looking forward to observing a major holy day later this month even if it will be celebrated in less style than it deserves.

Oh and – a number of people have been encouraging me to set up a Patreon account. I hadn’t realistically thought about such a thing until people kept asking if I had one and asking when I’d get it set up, etc. etc. I’ve been sitting on these thoughts for several months. I’m in no way ready to set one up at the moment but it’ll happen soon.

When I do, the funds are going to be directly put towards freeing up my time to work on a follow-up to Walking the Heartroad (it’s been in production for, um, a few years now but very little progress has been made), an audio book edition of Heartroad, and another book that I’ve been working on for several months. Supporters will get sneak peeks of this material and other projects. Can’t wait for more Heartroad in your life? Neither can I. Maybe we can make this happen together.


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