Loki’s virtual temple – May video

The new video of the virtual temple to Loki Herself is live.

This months’ video is a few minutes shorter than last month’s; I’m still experimenting with the temple design and recording and pretty much everything. And yes, clearly I need a tripod.

You can always email virtualtempleproject at gmail dot com to add a name or petition to the monthly prayer roll. This is a small piece of paper presented at the temple altar when it is prepared for recording. The document is then respectfully disposed of; no one but me sees its contents.

Loki’s virtual temple is part of the Virtual Temple Project, an effort to make polytheist and pagan worship spaces available with the help of video technology. These recordings can be used to facilitate personal prayer, worship, meditation, contemplation, spell work, and other activities. Participation in the Virtual Temple Project is open to anyone who wishes to design a space for public viewing, record it, and share it online. You can share one video or several. If you are passionate about making worship spaces available to the members of our greater religious communities, this is a great way to get involved.

If you would like to support the activities of Loki’s virtual temple, or the promotion of the Virtual Temple Project in general, click the donate button on the right. You can make a one-time or recurring donation of any amount or sponsor candles, incense, flowers, or beverage offerings for Loki’s monthly temple videos. Sponsors will receive a portion of the items offered to use in personal ritual or devotional activities.


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