Happy news for international book customers

If you’ve been put off by the steep international shipping costs associated with Worshiping Loki, I have good news! A trip to the post office this morning to mail out my first international order of the book revealed that shipping is much less than I expected. Shipping a single copy of the book to Canada is just $2.75! I expect that the price will be similar for many other countries but I don’t know for certain. I can say with some certainty that the cost won’t be more than $13 – yikes.

That $13.50 shipping quote came from what it cost to send handbound copies of Worshiping Loki to Canada, UK, Norway, Germany, and other countries. For whatever reason – weight or the classification of the package – that was the cost; I assumed it’d be the same for the standard edition of the book. Happily I was wrong.

So if you’re in Canada, you won’t need to pay any more than US customers for first class shipping. (This may or may not come with tracking; I wasn’t given a copy of the paperwork I filled out so that might be an extra charge. I’ll look into it.) If you’re in Europe, the price will probably be comparable. I can’t give exact quotes for shipping to other countries but I can do some research if there’s any questions.

Don’t forget – printer’s error editions are available at half price – just $4!



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