Worshiping Loki – now available!

I started writing this small book almost a year ago. Getting it formatted and printed took almost five months. Last night I was handed the proof and today it’s being printed and bound.


I wanted to write a book about Loki worship that didn’t depend on a reconstructed context. No doubt some people would be rather horrified at the idea, but these are the kind of people horrified about Loki worship in the first place. What no one has thought to mention is that you don’t have to be Heathen to worship Loki. Your ability to set up an altar, say a prayer, and share an offering has very little to do with your religious identity – simply on your willingness to accept Loki on His own terms. This book aims to help you do just that.

A special bonus section of information on getting to know Loki’s feminine aspect is included. Curious about how to get to know Her? There’s a short rite of contact, too.

Worshiping Loki: A Short Introduction is now available for just $8 (+$2 shipping in US; international shoppers should message me first about shipping costs). To make this book as affordable and as accessible as possible, it will also be available in Kindle and .epub formats (price to be determined). If you happen to be at PantheaCon and want to get a paperback copy, I’ll have some available.

I’m very happy to announce that this book will also be available as an .mp3 audio book. I invested in some sound equipment and applied my skills as a performer and amateur multimedia artist to producing and engineering this project. If the audio book is well-received, I hope to partner with other pagan authors to make additional titles available in this format. Increasing the accessibility of pagan, polytheist, and devotional material is very important to me and it’s a great honor to help make this happen. I’ll make another update when this version is available.

Thank you everyone for your support of this project over the past several months. The people who bought hand bound copies helped urge this project into being and I’m very grateful. The people who cheered me on behind the scenes kept me pointed in the right direction when I struggled to keep this project moving forward. There are individuals who I won’t mention by name that were key in making this possible. Thank you all.


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