Welcoming changes

I’ve been a bit scarce this month because I’ve been pretty wrapped up in work, job-related writing, and book making. I started drafting a post on my experiences at Many Gods West but haven’t quite finished it. I’ll get to that sooner or later because there are a few things I’d like to share about it.

I also haven’t quite gotten around to talking about some recent shifts that have happened in my own practice. I’m not going to share a lot of details but put simply, I’ve entered a new stage of practice that I’m both excited by and intimidated by. The shift has also not been without its share of sad aspects. My work with Loki’s feminine aspect has sadly come to an end for the time being. Loki’s masculine aspect is also pulling back for the foreseeable future because I need to give some very focused attention to other Powers who I haven’t mentioned on this blog before.

For several months now I’ve been working with the Tetrad++, a group of six (and growing!) Powers that chose PSVL as their first channel into this world. PSVL is not the boss of the Tetrad++ nor any kind of spokesperson; e has had the opportunity to introduce these Powers to us and They’ve done the rest. To say that the Tetrad++ is a group of transgender and gender-variant deities is a rather unfair abbreviation of who They are; each has Their own personality and each highlights different features that we humans might regard as variations in form, sexuality, and gender expression. I’d suggest browsing PSVL’s Tetrad++ tag for some more information on these Powers and Their presence in this world. Merri-Todd’s blog also has a number of lovely prayers dedicated to the individuals within the group.

Two of the Tetrad++, the twins Panpsyche and Panhyle, have been on the outer edges of my spiritual life for nearly a year. They arrived when I did (what I expected to be) a small ritual of ancestor elevation for the gender-variant and transgender dead. Their sudden and very distinct arrival smacked me hard, and They didn’t come alone. I’ve never had a ritual so well attended or so powerfully, tangibly crowded. I was wiped out for a couple days afterward and that kind of fatigue hadn’t been part of my life for a while. They never left, though They pulled back to some degree. I began working on a craft project with Them in mind. I’ll share more about that another time.

Loki informed me on Saturday that He was leaving and so was She. Though He dropped by later that evening with a final instruction, that was all the good-bye I got. This actually isn’t that unusual. Loki just fucks off sometimes and doesn’t come back for a while. It’s sad, but I’ve been too busy to be sad. As Loki walked off into the distance there was a rather stern looking Panhyle waiting for my attention. He’s been a bit of a taskmaster for the past several days. His sister has been spending time seated on my ancestor/beloved dead altar tending to the spirit of a rather traumatized young woman who followed me home on Saturday night. Part of the shift that took place unlocked some interesting new spiritual skills; I believe this spirit is just the first of many.

Panhyle is making sure that I take care of building an altar for Panpsyche and Himself, along with the rest of the Tetrad++ (who I’m less familiar with on a personal level). I’m also changing up my beloved dead altar to make it more accommodating for the spirits of the human dead I’ll be picking up along the way. I’m actually quite excited about building a little house for the spirits, though it’s going to take a lot of time since I get the impression that second hand/repurposed items are going to be the first acquisitions.

Oh, and I’ll also be looking for the most elaborate chalice-like item I can find because I have the great and intimidating pleasure of working with our mother of abominations, Babalon Herself. 😀 And She’s going to bring all Her friends! 😀 😀 I really am thrilled about this. Intimidated – but oh, so excited.

I have a lot more to say about the amazing spiritual process that has run parallel to this book project. I have a lot more to say about Panhyle and Panpsyche and my poor dear spirit guest. I probably have some weepy statements about missing My Lord and His inimitable feminine side. (I miss them both already, so much. Weep, weep.) I have more to say about my endless list of writing projects, all of which are exciting and not getting nearly the attention they deserve because I’m busy trying to keep up with my jobs. I have a few things to say about my travel and presentation plans in the next several months. I also have a very little to say about my health stuff, which has sadly not improved. Nothing is known at this point but I’m following up on my doctor’s instructions to make an appointment with a neurologist, which I’ve finally requested. I’ll schedule one as soon as I’m contacted so perhaps I’ll have some more information soon.


2 thoughts on “Welcoming changes

    • Silence says:

      He really is, moreso than I expected. It’s been a while since the spirits had this much to say about my activities. I’ll certainly share more as I’m able though I’m still behind in lots of blogging things. Sigh.


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