The dangerous cost of book making (update on Worshiping Loki)

When it became clear that the writing project that would become Worshiping Loki was going to be made available as a handmade book, I rather knew that it would have some pointed spiritual consequences. That’s because books – like many other objects – have the potential to function on spiritual and metaphysical levels. This extra-dimensional functioning is driven in part by the animating spirit of the project itself; the Loki and Odin devotionals have their own energy currents that they are part of, too. The Worshiping Loki project was a little different, though. It was a little more potent, a little more discrete, a little more dangerous.

Books are objects that carry ideas around inside them.

Crafting magical objects of any kind leaves the maker open to all kinds of interesting side effects.

There’s been some deep psychic shifts in my life just as the final .pdf file of the book was going to print. It’s being printed now as I’m feeling out the new spiritual architecture and wondering what all these changes mean.

I have underestimated the transformative power of art. These are changes I didn’t expect.


The book had, perhaps not surprisingly, a ten day printing delay when my first option became suddenly unavailable. This required me to seek out another cost-competitive printer and then reformat some of my files to meet their standard. Going with this second option has required a great deal of faith on my part since I won’t be able to oversee any of the actual production. Being forced into a sort of intellectual darkness while this process occurs is perhaps fitting.

Assuming everything goes according to schedule, I’ll pick up the pages from the printer tonight. Folding, punching, and binding the text blocks should be completed by Monday; all the text blocks should be set by Tuesday night. The glue should be done curing by Wednesday and the rite I’ve prepared will be performed at that time. Each copy will be signed and numbered, then packaged and brought to the post office. The final packages should go out on Saturday. Shipping notices will be sent.

All told, the ten day delay is not so very terrible; shipping is scheduled to take place before the last day of the month and circumstances have lined up very neatly to expedite the last stages of this work. I thank everyone for their patience in this work. It’s going to be worth waiting for, I’m quite sure of that.


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