Weekend book binding progress

This weekend has been mostly taken up with book binding. Here’s what I’ve been up to.


The premium red book cloth is cut into strips. I did the math and this stuff works out to about $1 / inch. I work carefully because I can’t afford to waste any.


Here you can see the red book cloth forming the visible spine of the books. The inner portion of the spine is reinforced with some plain weave cloth which is firmly attached to the text block.


This is the decorative paper used to wrap the cover boards. This forms the visible cover of the book; the plain brown boards can’t be seen.


Here’s what the covers look like when the decorative paper is added.


Decorative paper makes a big difference!


Ten cover boards are complete; ten still need decorative paper.

I’m taking a break for a couple hours because I need to do some work in order to meet my deadline in the morning, though I’ll probably get another few cover boards completed before bed. My glue brush is seriously diminished; half the bristles have broken or fallen out. I’ll need to get a new brush or two before I tackle building all these text blocks.


4 thoughts on “Weekend book binding progress

    • Silence says:

      Just think – if you were here you’d get to put your greedy little paws on every. single. one of them. And also go buy me another glue brush. I really need one.


  1. M.A. Rivera says:

    Wow the books look amazing (the contrast of the red to the, er, black and gold is very striking). I’ve never seen this done before, it’s pretty cool. Blessings.


    • Silence says:

      Thank you! It’s challenging work but it’s also very rewarding. My camera can’t capture the precise shade of red (it’s more of a berry red, very rich looking). Hopefully the pages will be printed this week so I can start assembling the text blocks.


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