Book making weekend!

IMG_20150814_145338The cover boards have all been cut – that’s forty individual boards – and now they’re getting marked for binding and text block placement. This morning’s book making session ended with cutting the final few pieces of moire-texture book cloth. This is what will cover the spine of the books. It has a lustrous appearance that you can’t really see in the picture.

The rest of the day will be spent gluing book cloth to the cover boards, then covering the cover boards with the decorative black and gold paper. I’m not sure if I’ll finish the stack of 20 today but that’s my goal.

This weekend I’ll also be sitting down with the finalized manuscript copy and making a few minor changes to the format. Once that’s done, the final printing can take place. That probably won’t happen for another four or five days at least, but I’m on top of it.

Once the manuscript is finalized, I’m going to contact the print designer who I’m working with to produce the open edition. I won’t know anything about this until I meet with him, though I’ll keep you updated on what I learn.

Alright, break’s over – back to marking and gluing cover boards. I’ll share some more pictures throughout the weekend as things get a little more interesting. I can’t wait to see the pile of finished covers; they’re gonna look so good. šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Book making weekend!

    • Silence says:

      If I’m any indication, I think it’s likely that you’d covet a book you’ve ordered even more than one you haven’t. (I covet my pre-ordered copy of Witchcraft and Sorcery of the Balkans, fer instance. Oh I covet.)


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