Icon Necklace Previews

The icon necklaces I listed the other day received such great support that I made a few more today. Thrift store luck was with me this weekend I had the chance to rescue this lovely icon of Hades from a second hand shop for just a few dollars. He’s just lovely (and I’ll write more about this interesting new acquaintance soon!) and He’s generously allowed me to use Him as a model.

These first two necklaces are just a preview; their listings will be live in the morning but if you want one set aside for you, just let me know!

This third necklace is currently available. Do you see that little flowery charm in the center? I’ve been saving this one for myself because it reminds me so much of a fruiting mandrake plant. Alas, it looked so good on an icon necklace with green glass beads that I couldn’t keep it for myself.


Each of these necklaces has a silver tone lobster clasp so you can easily place and remove the jewelry whenever you want to. This feature allows you to use these necklaces on all kinds of icons and figures, including homemade ones, like my knit Mother Laufey doll.MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Thanks for supporting this new and exciting venture!


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