Deity Icon Necklaces – now available!

As I’ve worked on prayer beads, I’ve ended up with several beads that are entirely lovely, but not numerous enough for another big project. So I collected them all together and made tiny necklaces for deity icons. Yup, now you can dress up your favorite Powers. πŸ˜€ Here’s Mother Laufey modeling the Blue Sea Star necklace.


Each necklace is made with high quality polyester coated beading wire for superior drape. Silver tone lobster clasps let you easily place and remove the necklace.


Sunset Pearl Necklace

The Sunset Pearl necklace has clusters of irregular orange, pink, and mocha pearls along with a faceted glass crystal and a frosted lavender central bead. Also available are the Iron and Amber necklace, and the Purple Butterfly necklace (both pictured below).


Purple Butterfly necklace


Iron and Amber necklace (Not real amber, just pretty glass!)

If there’s something special you’d like made, just let me know! I can probably make an icon adornment that’s perfectly suited for your favorite figure.

10 thoughts on “Deity Icon Necklaces – now available!

    • Silence says:

      Thank you! I’ve actually been brainstorming these for quite a while; this is the design that finally worked out best. I’ve got plans for framed icon images, too. πŸ™‚


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