Last Chance Giveaway!

Though the purpose of this post is to reblog an important message for lovers and beloveds of Apollon, I really want to express a few things along the way.

Something that most appeals to me about the Buddhist tradition(s) is that adherents are encouraged to take refuge in community. Of the three jewels that one is supposed to take refuge in, the third, sangha, is relevant here. Sangha translates (roughly) to community. In the materials I’ve encountered this community might be fellow renunciants specifically or fellow seekers more generally. There is a protective, nurturing, and stabilizing quality to sharing space with (in our parlance) co-religionists.

Bhakti too has a strong emphasis on the community of believers. In fact, one of the highest – if not the highest – form of worship and divine communion takes place in the company of devotees. In this company you see the private, intangible love you have for the Divine reflected back to you from every person you encounter.

Community is an important aspect in many polytheist traditions, too. In fact, some have gone so far as to say that one cannot be a member of a tradition unless one is a member of an actual, physical community. (This is, of course, almost so ridiculous as to be dismissible; however, it’s a rather pernicious fallacy. Not everyone happens to live in major urban centers, possesses access to reliable and appropriate transportation, speaks the local language, is physical able to access the regular meeting place, chooses to avoid establishments that serve alcohol, and so forth. There are innumerable barriers to joining a community of living, breathing human beings – including the possibility that you’ve already met the local community and found them to be raving racists or some other subspecies of asshole.)

Many of us make our own communities through alliance with spirits, Powers, and other entities, as well as whatever other likeminded individuals we happen to encounter along the way. That’s certainly what I’ve done. But even as I’ve grown increasingly closer to the corporally-challenged, I’ve received this push to engage with the human community. If I feel aligned with any community, it is the collective of devotees. I love and serve and care about other people who share a particular sort of religious predilection. You – you – are my refuge. You – you – help keep my aligned with my priorities. Even when I withdraw into other endeavors, my thoughts are with the devotees.

So that’s why I’m sharing this post. I want to help someone connect with a special gift that has been chosen especially for them. Two people came together to make this possible; I, along with other signal boosters, are also helping.

If this signal finds you – you! – please let Beth know. She does lovely work. You’ll be very pleased. And we will also be pleased because we’ll all be served by the efforts of individuals.

This special collection of items is intended for someone “newly spoused to Apollon (Apollo), having been romantically involved with Him for no longer than six months, total.” Shipping has already been paid.


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