Progress Towards a Loki Devotional Giveaway

If you were following my blog when I announced the release of the first of my handmade devotional books, the one for Loki, you might recall a mention of a fund set aside to make discounted copies of the books available. Writing about the giveaway that Beth and Columbine have organized for new lovers and beloveds of Apollon reminded me of why I began this fund in the first place. I want to give something back to the devotees that have collectively given me so much. I’m happy to say that $12 is now in the Loki book fund.

I’d like to set aside enough to arrange a free giveaway for a book and to cover its shipping costs so as to make it a really magical experience for the recipient. That means we’re just over one-third of the way there. If you would like to help make this giveaway possible, consider sharing my Etsy shop or the listing for the Loki devotional.  Once some more money has been added to this fund I’ll update everyone on the total so we can celebrate together. 🙂

Update! The fund now contains $21; we’re now approximately two-thirds of the way to a give-away. Thank you!



8 thoughts on “Progress Towards a Loki Devotional Giveaway

  1. Beth says:

    Reblogged this on Wytch of the North and commented:
    I know there are some mighty generous people who read my blog, many of them Lokeans. Please consider helping my friend Silence raise the money to gift a Loki devotional to someone who cannot afford one.


  2. Ossia Sylva says:

    Would you accept a PayPal donation for the Loki fund, Silence? I have no connection whatsoever with Loki, but your books are absolutely beautiful, and I know that the recipient will adore your work (and its connection with Loki). I don’t have much, but I can offer something.


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