Almost Ready for PCon in SLC

Well, I’m down to the last couple days before my local presentation of my PantheaCon session. I started doing this in anticipation of my 2014 session and spoke to a small, four-person audience at a nearby branch of the public library. It was a very productive experience and I got some valuable feedback from it. Sharing this session with my local community gives me practice with the material as well as an opportunity to identify problem spots. And naturally, I like being able to give back something to the people who have supported me in my various research efforts; it’s nice to bring just a little taste of PCon to the SLC area.

I’ve spent part of this year studying with a local OTO body because I wanted to broaden my knowledge of the Gnostic Mass in particular. This journey has been quite enriching and I feel like I’ve gained some valuable information in this short time. Precisely how long I’ll continue to study with them I’m not sure. For a hot minute I considered joining the group but I’m not prepared to jump into anything. If nothing else, I feel positively about continuing my association with them as a non-initiate.

My presentation will take place Friday night at a local metaphysics shop and with any luck I’ll have a pretty OK turnout. The whole event is scheduled for two hours, so I’ve planned 90 minutes for the presentation and the rest of the time for Q & A. I’m close to being prepared; I need to finish revising my notes, print them out, and then do some practicing but the bulk of the work is done. Of course, I’ve got my day job and my writing job to take care of in the meantime…

At any rate, here’s the flyer I made to help promote the event locally. I’ll change it up a bit for February. I’ll let you know how the class goes once I’m on the other side of it. Plus, I might have some news about another conference I’d like to present at but let me get this off my plate before I talk about the next big project I want to launch myself into.

a thousand ways flyer 2015


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