Catching up with…everything

After last week’s big announcement of the hand bound Loki devotionals, I spent the weekend trying to catch up with a few important things.  At last, taxes have been taken care of, laundry done, some cooking accomplished, medical stuff addressed, and my practice routine resumed. To tell the truth, I’m a little overwhelmed at all the projects I’ve got on my plate right now. The book project I’m working on for submission to a publisher has all but stalled, Heartroad 2 is gathering cobwebs, and the article I said I’d have drafted in a month is, eh, going to take a little more time. There’s also Many Gods West to prepare for, some other craft projects that have been languishing, and a custom project that I need to get back to. Oh and, you know, the day job.

I’ve created a little schedule to keep my writing efforts focused. I work at my writing job 6 – 7 days a week in addition to my day job employment so it’s very hard to predict where my creative energy is going to be. BUT my goal is to open a particular document on particular days of the week. I don’t have to do much – I just have to do something.

So! Tuesdays will be Many Gods West material (since today is Tuesday and I decided that’s what I wanted to work on today. Tomorrow will be the article, Thursday will be Heartroad 2, Friday will be erotica for the Kindle market (I’ve written a couple pieces and eh, every $.33 sale helps). Perhaps Saturday will be the Santa Muerte writing project. Perhaps Sunday will be prepping my 2016 Pantheacon submission (because that’s a thing that needs done, too).

I’m happy to have so much work to do, even if it’s going to be tough to accomplish. For several years I hid from most forms of community engagement in order to focus on school (and let’s be honest, because the Heathen groups I was involved with collapsed into infighting, murder, and allegations of child porn so there’s that). I prefer practicing privately; I’ve become very jealous of my time and energy. In many ways I don’t want to share, not when I’ve experienced such a long track record of getting very little in return for my effort. I’m not just talking about getting back a positive community experience; the energy exchange I trusted in simply didn’t seem to come about. In many ways, I feel like I got away without sustaining more damage. I also encountered a level of conflict regarding Loki that I simply couldn’t tolerate after a while.

Community engagement can be hard for all kinds of reasons and I think there are times in all our lives when we simply don’t wish to have it in our sphere. Coping with the anger and fear and distrust and yeah, even the disgust that comes up with dealing with humanity in general has been a challenging thing for me but it’s also been a very important lesson. We must engage with humans in order to understand humans, and we must understand humans in order to represent the needs of our species to the Powers that are concerned with us. Anyone who communicates with the Powers on behalf of any human – including themselves – can’t afford to be dismissive of the human condition, including all the suffering and hypocrisy and anger and violence. These things have to be confronted, recognized, named, and dealt with on personal, interpersonal, communal, and global levels. Checking out of this work can become a disadvantage. Checking out of this work can put a worker at a disadvantage.

Setting heavier thoughts aside, there are many things to look forward to this year but managing the stress and busyness of it all will be a distinct challenge for me. In the meantime, I’m also working on preparing a handmade devotional book for Odin. I actually started planning His the day after Loki’s was finally released. I’m really excited to work on Odin’s and I’ll probably start formatting it before the month is over. Is there any traditional material related to Odin that you’d like to see in a devotional book?


Busy Making Art and Other Things

I’ve been quite busy for several days now trying to get many different tasks taken care of. Things are busy at both my jobs so I’m not giving this blog much thought. I’ve also been busy making new blank books and trying to inject a little new life into my Etsy shop, Coffee At Midnight. If you’re interested in my handmade blank books and other items, I’d suggest checking out my other blog that’s specifically for arts and crafts related things.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis hand bound book has approximately 50 blank unlined pages. It has open-flat binding so it is comfortable to use whether you write with your right or left hand. These make great books for writing poetry, sketching, jotting down story ideas, or recording personal thoughts. I keep one on my altar and gradually add inspirational thoughts and ideas as they come to me. Another little blank book has become a sort of love journal where emotional notes are written down.

I’m quite excited to be working on a special art project involving some of these books. I’ll talk more about them as they develop.

In the meantime, thanks for sticking with me.

A New Blog!

I know you’re all just barely getting used to the fact of this blog, but it was time to move this to a more established location. You can find this blog in its new home at : Snazzy, huh? It looks almost exactly the same only it has a different header image and a couple of the other pictures I’ve used in the past didn’t migrate. That’s OK.

I don’t know how this is going to impact things like follows and comments so I do hope you’ll bear with me during this transition. Update your bookmarks and please feel free to share this with your own readers. Thanks again for sticking with me.

[Edited to add: Hmn, it seems there’s some functionality problems with the new blog. It’s live, you can use it, you can comment, but it’s not doing everything I want it to. With any luck in the next week or so I can sit down with someone who has the skills to walk me through the mess I’ve made and get everything lined up. This blog will remain active and updated until I’m able to move forward the way I want to. Sorry for the premature notice, folks. This is all very new to me.]

Site Maintenance Notice

Things have been a little busy behind the scenes here (hence my delay in replying to recent comments; sorry, everyone). I’m in the process of moving my WordPress site to something a little more stable and dynamic but hopefully it will result in few or no changes on the front end of things. I’ll let you know when the dust has settled.

In the meantime, you can watch for a little sidebar gauge that will track the progress of Further Along the Heartroad. This little ticker will help me stay on track and will let you guys know that I really am truly working on this thing. Stay tuned!

Almost Ready for PCon in SLC

Well, I’m down to the last couple days before my local presentation of my PantheaCon session. I started doing this in anticipation of my 2014 session and spoke to a small, four-person audience at a nearby branch of the public library. It was a very productive experience and I got some valuable feedback from it. Sharing this session with my local community gives me practice with the material as well as an opportunity to identify problem spots. And naturally, I like being able to give back something to the people who have supported me in my various research efforts; it’s nice to bring just a little taste of PCon to the SLC area.

I’ve spent part of this year studying with a local OTO body because I wanted to broaden my knowledge of the Gnostic Mass in particular. This journey has been quite enriching and I feel like I’ve gained some valuable information in this short time. Precisely how long I’ll continue to study with them I’m not sure. For a hot minute I considered joining the group but I’m not prepared to jump into anything. If nothing else, I feel positively about continuing my association with them as a non-initiate.

My presentation will take place Friday night at a local metaphysics shop and with any luck I’ll have a pretty OK turnout. The whole event is scheduled for two hours, so I’ve planned 90 minutes for the presentation and the rest of the time for Q & A. I’m close to being prepared; I need to finish revising my notes, print them out, and then do some practicing but the bulk of the work is done. Of course, I’ve got my day job and my writing job to take care of in the meantime…

At any rate, here’s the flyer I made to help promote the event locally. I’ll change it up a bit for February. I’ll let you know how the class goes once I’m on the other side of it. Plus, I might have some news about another conference I’d like to present at but let me get this off my plate before I talk about the next big project I want to launch myself into.

a thousand ways flyer 2015

New Book: Further Along the Heartroad

Further Along the Heartroad! It’s a thing! Or it will be – eventually.

I’ve talked for a year or so about a follow-up to Walking the Heartroad and in all honesty, this new book has been in the works for quite a bit longer than that. For better or worse this second volume is not going to be finished quickly. Most of this has to do with the fact that I do actually write for a living which means that all my energy is given over to writing copy for drain cleaning products and not to writing books for you guys. Don’t feel sad, though; having a professional writing job has made me a much better writer and I feel reasonably confident that Further Along will be a much stronger book than the first volume. It will also be quite a bit longer, a little broader in scope (not addressing spirit workers specifically), and a lot more detailed.

Here’s the sneaky peek you’ve all been waiting seven years for. It’s just a portion because, well, I want to protect my work and I don’t want to give away all the secrets right away (plus certain aspects of the outline might change). I also included a 20-page excerpt of material from this book in the Kindle edition of Heartroad and I’ll probably share other previews as the project progresses; watch this space.

I need to thank absolutely everyone who has supported and who continues to support this very humble work of mine. Articulating the self-aware emergence of a devotional current within paganism and polytheism has been a greater adventure than I ever might have expected to take part in.

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