Silence Maestas is an experimental occultist and devotional polytheist living on the Salt Lake City area.

I have a background in spirit work, bhakti, Norse reconstructionism, goddess worship, ritual practice, sacred plants, and bunches of other stuff. Most currently I am studying with a local OTO body to further my knowledge of ritual and praxis within the Western esoteric tradition.

I am passionately, unquestionably, and irrevocably a Loki worshiper. Why? Because He has proven Himself worthy of worship. Arguing this point is worthless to you and meaningless to me; thus I will not engage in it.

I write a lot, like 6 – 7 days a week. However, since I write for an Internet content company most of what I write will not have my name on it. This heavy schedule means that I don’t have much extra time for the stuff I want to be writing – namely, the stuff you probably want to read. Sorry about that. I am working on a new book or three and I’ll provide updates as those things develop. I’m occasionally writing things that will appear in other people’s publications and I’ll keep you updated on those as well. At this time I’m not accepting solicitations for new projects; I simply don’t have time to share my work with all askers.

In addition to the ritual and worship that is at the heart of my personal practice, I am slowly building a library of books and other materials that will someday be a legacy collection.

I juggle symptom management for multiple chronic health conditions. This restricts how active I am, how much I travel, and what I do when I do choose to leave home. Though I am in front of a computer the better part of most every day, it is usually for work. I’m still getting the knack of this pagan-in-public thing. I’m generally quite reserved and being pagan in public is new and frankly pretty intimidating.

I love teaching and I love learning. I love sharing what I know and helping others educate themselves. I’ve taught and spoken on pagan-related subjects in many locations in three states. In February 2014 at PantheaCon I had the pleasure of presenting A Thousand Ways: Devotional Ritual Models in Practice. I’ll be returning with an improved version of A Thousand Ways in 2015 and I’ve applied to present this and a brand new session at Many Gods West in 2015, too. I am a shy, goofy person who’s comfortable speaking in front of groups but less so one-on-one. Come and say hi anyway and we can be socially awkward together.


Looking for the book I wrote? Use Amazon for the Kindle version.  Buy the paper version from Lulu. Hell, you can find me at PantheaCon and buy one for like ten bucks. That’s less than you’d probably pay for a copy from Lulu+shipping and you get the joy of instant satisfaction and I’ll even draw a cat on the title page if you ask nicely.




5 thoughts on “About

  1. Leontine says:

    Hello, Silence!

    I am a student currently working on a paper about the devotional path of godspousery. I am writing this out of personal fascination (like a personal project, as I want to dedicate my life to academic studies in theology/religion, especially mysticism and the pagan community), but maybe one day I could be able to publish it; very little, I find, has been written about it academically. I would like to contact you by email if possible, but the gist of what I wanted to ask you is in your permission to use your blog writing in my paper. I would ask you questions personally but I know that you are very busy and have little time. Thank you for the time you took to read this, and please let me know whenever you can.


    • Silence says:

      You are certainly free to use any of the material on this blog with appropriate attribution. As for anything more in depth, email me at salinespirit at gmail dot com. I can’t promise I can answer every question or go into lots of detail on every topic but I’ll be sure to take a look at the email and let you know what I’m able to help with.


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