Divination Special!

I have the enormous opportunity to travel to India on pilgrimage later this year. This is very exciting and it’s taken several weeks for the whole concept to sink in. To support this once-in-a-lifetime experience, I’m working hard to earn the necessary funds. (If you want to donate directly to my fundraising efforts, you can visit my GoFundMe page.)

To that end, I want to offer a special rate on divination for one month. Instead of the usual $40, readings are just $30 until May 25! Readings take approximately 45 minutes to complete, so this is a great rate.

I’ve been reading professionally since I was 18 – nearly 20 years! I love helping people discover solutions to spiritual problems, uncovering aspects of their personal development, and discerning greater clarity in emotional matters. Let me know if I can help you with questions regarding spirit work, personal development, decision-making, spirit communication, and other specialized concerns. Just fill out the form on the Divination Services page and I’ll take it from there.



4 thoughts on “Divination Special!

  1. draupadi says:

    That is so exciting, congratulations on getting a chance to go on this pilgrimage! Can I ask what temple(s) you are visiting? I have gone on a lot of pilgrimages in India and could also give recommendations if you want.

    I will definitely take advantage of your sale and get a divination from you soon – all of your readings for me have been fantastic and really accurate!


    • Silence says:

      Thank you! At this point, I’m not 100% sure where I’ll be going. I’m traveling with a group together with some local friends of mine, so we’re at the mercy of whatever the group’s itinerary is. I know we’ll be in Puri and then my friends want to visit Vrindavan so I expect we’ll see several Vaishnav holy places (I’m hoping to visit Katyayani Pitham while in Vrindavan but we’ll see). I’d be happy to take any recommendations you might have to share. 🙂 It’s my first time going and I’m understandably nervous and excited.

      I’m glad you’ve found my readings helpful; thank you for the kind feedback. 🙂

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      • draupadi says:

        I didn’t receive a notification that you’d replied, whoops! Those are beautiful locations, especially Vrindavan! I hope the visit brings tons of good luck into every aspect of your life.

        I decided to take advantage of your divination sale and filled out the form on your website just now. 🙂 Do I PayPal you directly?


      • Silence says:

        Thank you; I’m really excited (and understandably nervous!).

        I’ll email you shortly with additional information. Thank you!


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