Loki’s virtual temple – December 2017

This month’s virtual temple video is live!

I’ve been sticking with these although you wouldn’t know it from my channel. I’ve had a hard time keeping many videos up, which I think has something to do with the music I’ve been using (some Creative Commons tracks, with attribution). For now I’ve gone back to silent videos and I’ll get busy recording some appropriate music (or just use the old drum and bells tracks I used to use).

I’m considering halting monthly releases of these temple videos in April of next year. I feel like I’ve accomplished what I set out to do so aside from the lovely experience of putting them together I don’t have a major reason to continue. I won’t stop making virtual temple videos; I’d like to still do special releases as the occasions arise. Still, stopping these videos seems sad. Loki needs celebrating.


3 thoughts on “Loki’s virtual temple – December 2017

  1. hearthfiresanctuaryhellenion says:

    I am very happy that I found your blog again. A friend of mine shared a link to your original Virtual Temple post and I instantly feel in love with the idea. Thank you for inspiring your community to join you in the work.

    Hearth Fire Sanctuary


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