Back from Many Gods West

I had the opportunity to present two sessions at Many Gods West 2017 in Olympia, WA. The experience was a memorable and positive one; I got to meet many new people and deepen friendships with people I already knew. I saw lots of return attendees as well as people who were attending for the first time.

I presented Advancing Devotional Practice and Three Tales of Devotion, both of which are sessions I’ve presented before (Three Tales last year and Advancing Devotional Practice at PCon). They were both well-received and I came away with new ideas on how to improve them both. Although I personally had small issues with both (because I always want to improve the work I do), I think people got a lot out of them and so I’m satisfied in that respect.


If you’re finding my blog for the first time after finding me at MGW, welcome! I don’t blog nearly as often as I’d like – mostly because I never know quite what I want to say and because every time I sit down to write a post I get bored and quit before I’ve finished. Most of the new work I’m doing is found over on Patreon; I’ve just added a divination perk to the $10 level. That’s where I share samples of the new Heartroad manuscript (this is a followup book to Walking the Heartroad) as well as art, downloadables, coupon codes, video previews, and all kinds of other stuff.

Speaking of videos, now that I’m back from MGW I can focus on producing a narrated video of Sri Andal’s story. This is based on my Three Tales of Devotion session; it’ll be a nice long telling of a truly excellent inspirational story. I’d like to post the video by next month (after a Patreon preview, of course) and I’ll make the audio available for download.

So that’s the latest – I have a blog post brewing in my head and I’ll see if I can make another update this week. Thanks again for reading.


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