Shop updates

Yeah, I know I said I hated making shop updates here. Fact is that some extra cash would help me comfortably afford my plane ticket to Many Gods West instead of just barely affording it. I’ll be there, so I’m not exactly threatening to not show up. Just sayin’.

Altar cloths! I got a ton. I scored a White sewing machine at a thrift store and it’s seriously improved and increased the sewing I do. You benefit by getting loads of awesome altar cloths, spread cloths, crystal grid cloths, and even (gasp!) table cloths. il_570xN.1225799875_7982              il_570xN.1267368093_27i9

Blue and green tie-dyed altar cloth.                   Dark blue and green tie-dyed table runner.

All the altar cloths and table runners have been made with 100% cotton for easy care and keeping. I’ve left them minimally finished so you can easily attach trim, fringe, or beads. They also look nice as-is.

I’m still making the little necklaces that are perfectly suited for our favorite deity icons and idols. This is a personal favorite of mine; I love the bone-colored glass bead in the center. These are only $7 so they’re perfect for small offerings or seasonal gifts.



My divination backlog is cleared and it’s a great time to schedule a reading with me. I have a few new tarot and oracle decks that I’m itching to use on clients – I’ve got the Ostara Tarot, the Slutist Tarot, the Wooden Tarot, and the Ceccoli Oracle ready to roll! Since I’m doing a bit of fund-raising, I’m taking simple questions and confirmation-style divination requests for just $10; these take around 15 minutes as compared to the 45 – 60 that my usual readings do. You can send me a message through the Divination Services page or email me at salinespirit at gmail dot com.

Speaking of tarot – I have my first deck walkthrough and review on YouTube! You can hear my tiny little voice and see my tiny little hands. Another video is coming next week; if you like this sort of thing, Patreon supporters get a first look at video content as well as all kinds of other things. I’ve been sharing previews of the in-progress Heartroad2 manuscript as well as coupon codes, printables, and other goodies on my Patreon feed. Or you can simply subscribe to the channel for monthly Virtual Temple Project releases and divination stuff.




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