Etsy shop update! At last!

It’s been a long time since I made any substantial updates to the Etsy shop. Finally, I have nine new tiny necklaces listed and tomorrow eight new altar cloths/tarot spread cloths will go live. Click on the pictures to be taken to the listing.


I’ve made these to fit your very favorite deity statues; the lobster clasp lets you easily place and remove the jewelry even around awkward swords and other pointy bits. They look really beautiful and make lovely offerings or just tokens of affection.


The necklaces with two strands (like those in the above pictures) are made on a slightly smaller scale and are great for smaller figures and figures made on a detailed scale. The single strand necklaces (like the one below) are great for larger statues and those made on an overall bigger scale.


These are just $7 each (+shipping). I’ll be adding more as soon as I have some new beading wire to work with – and time to make some! If you’ll be attending Many Gods West in Olympia, WA I’m hoping to have a few available for sale in the vendor’s room. Even if I don’t have any, do catch up with me and say hi.


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