Loki’s Virtual Temple – February 2017

I didn’t forget! Well – I didn’t forget to make the video but I *did* forget to release it to the public. I was in such a rush to make sure the video was produced and released to Patreon supporters before going to PCon that I completely forgot to adjust the settings a couple days later so it could be viewed by everyone. I’m sorry if I kept you waiting. It’s a lovely video and I hope you like it.

I have *lots* of work to do to catch up on Loki’s virtual temple stuff, including several accountability posts regarding budget. I have received a few donations and sponsorships so far this year and I need to make sure that those are reflected in my records accurately. While I remain entirely committed to continuing these monthly video releases for as long as I feel She is on board with them, I think you can tell from the videos when someone has stepped up with a small financial contribution. đŸ™‚ Being able to buy more, nicer flowers is perhaps the most visible aspect of this support but there is also candy, fruit, beverages, essential oil for the candles, and special incense used in these videos. After all, the intention is to reflect as accurately as possible the full experience of a worship ritual; to my mind, that includes what offerings I am able to provide (even if they are not visible on the videos themselves).

So! Here is February’s video. March’s video is rendering even as I type this and will be released first to my Patreon supporters at the $10+ level(s). Later this week it will be live for everyone to view and access. Now I’ll add the subtitles to the video and it will be completely done!


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