Divination services page live!

I’m finally bringing back public divination services! Technically they’ve never been gone but I had to pull my Etsy listing and other public shingles in order to revise some things and then never got around to putting them back.

I began reading professionally at 18 and now at 35 I’m still loving my accidental career path. I love helping people find clarity in the midst of complicated spiritual situations as well as providing confirmation about personal intuition, insight into decisions, and a new perspective on religious experiences. As I clarify on the services page, this is in no way a substitute for medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice; however, I can bring a sympathetic eye to spiritual situations that are strange and confusing.

Email readings are typically done with cards – tarot or divination – and include a report and pictures of your spread. Readings take 30 – 45 minutes to complete and are currently priced at $40. More information, including the reading request form and policies, can be found on the Divination Services page.




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