Santa Muerte, Holy Death – Virtual Temple Project special release


A special release especially for November, 2016 – a virtual temple for Santa Muerte, Holy Death.

Although Holy Death has no official feast day, she has a couple feast days attributed to her by believers; November 2nd is the most popular and the one I personally choose to observe for several reasons. May this video encourage prayer, contemplation, reflection, and meditation.

I’ve been planning this project for months and I’ve barely been able to restrain myself from talking all about it, everywhere. Patreon supporters at the $10+ received a sneak preview of this video releases (as well as of all future video releases). Additional videos are planned, including revisited sessions that have been seen at Pantheacon and Many Gods West. If you want to get free and early access to this material and lots more, consider becoming a supporter. Thank you very much for your continued support in this and other projects.


2 thoughts on “Santa Muerte, Holy Death – Virtual Temple Project special release

  1. The Black Stone Hermitage says:

    Thank you so, so, SO much for this. Once again you have inspired me! One day, when I have the proper equipment and setup, I will contribute to this project with videos of worship spaces at the Hermitage, including one for Holy Death. (Accompanied by dark ambient music, of course.) Love to you!


    • Silence says:

      You’re very welcome; I’m glad it’s inspirational and I’m glad you like it. 🙂 This was loads of fun to prepare. I have some personal technical critiques of the result but I feel like it’s spiritually effective, so I’m pretty satisfied.

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