Patreon Launch

After considerable waffling and lots of prodding encouragement from friends and fans, I’ve created a Patreon for my books, articles, lectures, and other projects. Money and time have become my biggest obstacles to finishing long-standing projects like the follow-up to Walking the Heartroad, a forthcoming book on Holy Death, and audio book versions of Worshiping Loki and other materials. Simply earning a living occupies most of my time and leaves me with very little energy or creative capacity for working on the things that I – and you! – love most.

Patreon offers me a partial solution to this problem. Simply put, the more money I receive through the generosity of patrons, the more time I can afford to put towards completing these and many other projects. I have loads of things I want to do:

  • Narrated videos of sessions presented at PantheaCon, Many Gods West, and other conferences (including recent material like Advancing Devotional Practice and Three Tales of Apotheosis)
  • Video lectures and lessons of material that will probably never be presented at any conference
  • Audio book versions of Walking the Heartroad, Worshiping Loki, and other books
  • Prayer cards for Loki, Santa Muerte, and other Powers
  • Books and articles on devotional practice, altar building, and more

Do these sound like projects you would like to have available? Even one dollar will help give me the time required to complete these and many others. Please feel free to share my Patreon link on your own blog, Facebook, or Tumblr; boosting the signal is a great way to support this campaign even if you cannot give monetarily right now. You can also ‘like’ my official Facebook page where I’ll post updates about all kinds of things I’m up to.

In thanks for my patrons’ support I have a selection of perks including generous coupon codes, previews of work in progress, copies of books as they are published, and more. The first sneak preview will be going out next week!

This is a very new way of creative labor and I’ll be honest, it took most of a year for me to work up the courage and confidence to make this happen. I’m excited to take this decisive step towards improved creative and artistic production and I’m grateful for everyone’s support thus far. Together I know we can bring exciting and meaningful work to pagan and polytheist communities.

Thank you for the many years of support you’ve shown my work. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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