Gratitude to my beloved Saint (reblog)

I first became aware of Santa Muerte in ’06 or ’07 and it wasn’t long before She became a fixture in my spiritual life, gradually growing to encompass a very special and distinct part of my religious experience. There’s much to enjoy about this post though one paragraph stood out in particular:

Despite her ubiquitous presence, the question of ‘what can a gringo know about la Nina?’ remains a legitimate challenge to those who would divorce her from the complex environment of Latin America. Culture and language are intimate partners and no amount of translation can capture the power of Santa Muerte as she lives and breathes on her native soil. This is not to limit her to Mexico, she is the patron of the New World, anyone who approaches her with honesty can quickly enter into a powerful relationship with la Ser de Luz. However, those who approach with the assumption that they can adapt her to their own understanding will quickly find themselves in the midst of a reality that is unpalatable to the mediated illusion of peace that hides the fact that our world is undergoing a massive and unprecedented upheaval. Santa Muerte emerges from the streets, prisons and violent borderlands, she is not safe and she is not comfortable, she is death and death is change.

People sometimes ask me questions about the Saint, trying to make sense of Her complexities and the very visceral qualities of Her presence in this world via Her believers. I always come back to the analogy of gravity: We are all affected by it equally but it is those on the brink of a cliff who are most aware of it.

Gracias, gracias Santa Muerte.


April 29th, 2016 marked the 3 year anniversary of It’s been a wild and wonderful journey encountering and engaging the enigmatic Nina Bonita from jail cells in Madison County, Georgia to private shrines in the Philippines – the Americas’ fastest growing new spirituality continues to spread around the world and we’ve been at the […]

via 3 Years with the Empress of the Americas — Most Holy Death


4 thoughts on “Gratitude to my beloved Saint (reblog)

  1. Gretchen Faulk says:

    I downloaded the pdf at least 3 years ago, maybe it’s not available anymore. I have the book, too – same son sent it too me. Let me know if there’s anyway I can assist in the future. I’m sure she’d love to get out of the house.


  2. Gretchen Faulk says:

    For those who might be interested, the book; Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, the Skeleton Saint R. Andrew Chesnut is available on the net as a free pdf. Si – if sometime you want to do a ritual or presentation on Santa Muerte, I would be happy to loan you my (kind of large) statue of her. It was a gift from one of my sons (Some people get flowers for their birthday, some get Death. There’s a story there somewhere.).



    • Silence says:

      I’m pretty sure there’s no authorized .pdf releases of the book available; I know there’s a Kindle format and probably a Nook format out there though. The paperback isn’t expensive, that’s the version I have.

      I *love* your large Santa Muerte figure. I keep thinking about presenting something locally on her but I haven’t decided to yet. Maybe this summer. I’m working on a book about her and this might be a good way to stimulate interest. I’d enjoy having her accompany me. I keep wanting to make flower crowns for her and then forgetting.


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