May prayer roll

I’m preparing to record the video of Loki’s temple space for the month of May; with any luck, it will get taken care of the last week of the month. If you would like your name or a particular request added to the prayer roll that will be placed on the altar at that time, please email virtualtempleproject at gmail dot com. (Anonymous requests are also accepted; no one will see the prepared list except myself and I will respectfully dispose of it after the ritual is complete.)

This is an entirely free service though if you would like to support the activities of the virtual temple, donating $1 via PayPal to virtualtempleproject at gmail dot com would be very appreciated.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of the worship implements – incense, candles, flowers, and beverage offering – please send $10 via PayPal along with what item you wish to sponsor and your preferred mailing address. Sponsors will receive a portion of the item they offered, except for the juice; because juice is hard to mail, beverage sponsors will receive a portion of flowers. These items can be used in your own devotional or worship practices.

Thanks very much for the amazing support shown for this project. I look forward to May’s video and many others in the future.

Loki’s temple video for April


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