Announcing the Virtual Temple Project

I am happy – and nervous and exhausted and intimidated – to announce the launch of a new project that’s very dear to my heart. The Virtual Temple Project is a multimedia endeavor that brings polytheist and pagan worship spaces to people everywhere with the help of video technology. Even though the number of publicly accessible worship spaces are  growing, access is limited by many factors. However, we have beautiful and meaningful worship spaces inside our homes. We have the skills to create altars, shrines, and temples to our beloved gods. Designing a space specifically intended for public viewing and then recording it and sharing it online will make meaningful spiritual engagement accessible to anyone with an Internet-enabled device.

There were many, many motivating factors behind the development of this project but the needs of my fellow spoonies were perhaps first in my mind. Sometimes simply getting up and going to the altar is too much. I hope this project will bring the altars to you.

I want to encourage people to create worship spaces celebrating the Powers they love. Share a video of the worship space in action – light candles, burn incense, place offerings on the shrine – and share this activity so that everyone can participate in the beauty of your affection. Please read more about this project here.

My first contribution to this project is a virtual temple to Loki Herself – see above.

This is just the first in a series of Loki temple videos. I have some real ambitions for this particular virtual temple, including a prayer roll. More information about Loki’s virtual temple can be found here.

There’s so much I want to say about this project but for now I’ll let the video speak for itself. Let this offering inspire you to create worship spaces of your own celebrating the many, many Powers we love.


6 thoughts on “Announcing the Virtual Temple Project

    • Silence says:

      Hee – other people have mentioned the crackling fireplace videos. Even though we sometimes say that people have no attention span for videos online, the fireplace videos certainly demonstrate otherwise.

      I hope you find the ritual useful! The picture links don’t seem to be working; maybe try reposting?


  1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

    This is beautiful, and thrilling. I know you put a ton of hard work and time and angst into this, and I’m so glad it’s happening/has happened. Having an in-person temple to get to would be great, and has been great when it’s happened, even on a temporary basis, but the accessibility of virtual temples and the awesomeness that is the tech we have these days, is an alternative with much potential, especially considering how far-flung we all are. Can’t wait to see what comes of this.


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