Worshiping Loki – now half price!

A printer’s error has resulted in 100 copies of Worshiping Loki with a minor formatting mistake. A small string of computer code appears at the top of each page in the second half of the book. The text itself is entirely undisturbed and otherwise the books are completely identical to the standard (non-error) editions.

Since I don’t feel like I can sell these printer’s error editions for the same price as the non-error editions, I’m offing them for half price – just $4. At this price it’s easy to get extra copies to give to friends, to donate to your local pagan lending library, or to leave in strategic coffee shops.

I’ll be creating an Etsy listing for these books later today but I wanted to let you know that you aren’t out of luck if you don’t have $8 to spend. (Shipping remains the same: $2.75 US, $13.50 international – yeah, it sucks.)


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