Look! Links! And a video!

My friend Jo has pointed out a couple times that I don’t have *any* links on my blog to *any* of the things I’ve done. No shop link, no book link, no other book link….yeah. I’ve fixed that finally. If you’ll look to the right you’ll see quick and easy links to the paperback and Kindle editions of Heartroad, links to the Coffee At Midnight shop on Etsy, and a direct link to the Etsy listing for Worshiping Loki. The first wave of these books are getting shipped tomorrow – finally. I didn’t consider that I’d come home with a case of con crud that would require a few days to recover from. I’m feeling better and will go to the post office tomorrow.

And speaking of Jo and books…here’s a video she made about a book.

Did you know that Heartroad is almost ten years old? I began writing it in ’07 as a college freshman. I’m thinking about releasing a second edition as a ten year anniversary thing; it would contain a new introduction and some bonus material and correct some of the formatting issues present in the first edition. Oh – and I’ll be doing an audio version of it at some point, too.

The audio edition of Worshiping Loki requires another 15 or so hours. Not terribly long but I’ll need to buckle down to get it finished over the weekend and into next week. I really want to have this available just as soon as possible.


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