Annual “I’m Going to PantheaCon!” Post

I’m going to PantheaCon!

I’m actually schedule to present at PantheaCon, so I better be going. My session is at 9AM on Monday morning – yes, the hangover session. I’ll be presenting Advancing Devotional Practice in a combination lecture/facilitated discussion. This means that I’ll have a bunch of topics that I’ll introduce then let comments and questions open up a shared conversation.

This guided conversation will be about the things that happen in a devotional practice over the long-term. It’s not “advanced” devotional practice because I contend that there is no such thing. Rather, these topics are ones that tend to come up after several years have passed. What happens when your path stops being what you expected it to be? How do we talk about separation and loss? How can we discover personally relevant ways to refine our practice? How do we deal with unexpected outcomes of practice?

The whole thing has the potential to get a little heavy – which is good and is what I want, but it’s also going to be challenging in lots of ways. So yeah, maybe it’s good thing it’ll happen on Monday when we can all run away and process.

I’ll have copies of Walking the Heartroad and Worshiping Loki available ($9 and $8 respectively). I’ll also have two hand bound copies of Worshiping Loki and six Loki devotionals. I don’t know if I have any Odin devotionals just hanging out but if I do I’ll bring one or two copies. (Cash is great but I’ll have my Square reader on hand so card chargers are also perfectly fine.)

I’ll also be signing up to do readings for a couple hours on Friday-probably-afternoon. You can find presenters doing readings throughout the con down near the vendor’s hall. My con rates are $1 per minute (ten minute minimum). I’ll have five different decks with me, which is very exciting: Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, The Mermaid Tarot, Welcome to Night Vale Tarot(!!), The Wooden Oracle, and The Oracle of Arcane Bullshit. This last deck is especially suited to spirit workers so do hit me up if you want a taste of its amazeballs insight.

Where else might you find me? Well – that’s hard to say. The rotten neurological symptoms I was experiencing for 2 years years turned out to be severe migraines. This was super weird news to me because I’ve suffered from migraines since childhood and these were entirely different. But such is the nature of migraines. All kinds of things trigger them and in all kinds of conditions. Healthwise I was a wreck at Many Gods West; now that I have my meds and my management a little more under control I’m hoping that PCon won’t be so bad but the potential for debilitation remains. Between migraines that might drop me to the ground at any second and chronic knee pain/spine issues I’ll likely be resting for several hours a day. This means I have no idea what programming I might make it to or anything like that.

That said, I’m going to try to make it to the ritual performance of Lokasenna on Sunday night, the MGW meet n greet on Friday night (in a hospitality suite), Chinese Polytheism and Millenarian Movements on Saturday morning, and a number of devotional rituals occurring in the evening. (You can see the whole program here:

So yeah, I’m around. I’m kind of a socially awkward nerd, I may not look like you think I do, and I will be missing my cat and missing my altars. Maybe I’ll see you there!


4 thoughts on “Annual “I’m Going to PantheaCon!” Post

  1. Christine Lape Berger says:

    Missing you is one of the major reasons I regret not being able to go this year. Hell – if I were going I would offer you Reiki if things got bumpy health-wise. But I knew the funds were not available even before the insanity that ensued with half the folks I know not being able to get a room at the Doubletree. I so hope that we have a chance to meet another time.


    • Silence says:

      The room situation is always such a mess; I kinda wish they’d just make an effort to move the event to another location that could accommodate more people but that doesn’t seem likely any time soon. I’ve had good experiences staying at the overflow hotels; the Fairfield is nice and it’s just across the street and down a bit. But there’ll be other opportunities to meet, I’m sure. So long as they keep accepting my proposals I’ll keep showing up and I’m always looking for other events to present at (though for practical considerations I’m only looking at west coast-ish/intermountain events).


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