Welcome, and an update

My blog’s gotten an unusual number of hits in the past couple days, so – welcome! Things have been quiet here because, as usual, life keeps me busy with a great many other things.

One of the things I’m occupied with at the moment is my acceptance as a presenter at PantheaCon 2016! I’m very much looking forward to presenting a brand new session, Advancing Devotional Practice. This session will take a look at some of the challenges and questions that come up in a long-term devotional practice. Note that this isn’t “advanced” devotional practice because I hold that there isn’t really such a thing. Rather, there are patterns, trends, and concerns that only develop in the long term and some of these will be explored in the session. Advancing Devotional Practice is scheduled for 9 AM on Monday morning; I’ll certainly do my best to make sure the experience is worth getting up early for. 🙂 I’m also specifically hoping that we can have some open discussion and question time, so I’m not going to develop a super lengthy Powerpoint or anything like that.

I did a bit of traveling in October for family stuff. That was good but heavy, as family stuff usually is. I didn’t get much time to do personal writing while I was away from home, but I did finish up an article draft. I still haven’t done much with a book manuscript I’m very slowly working on. I haven’t done anything about the new book on devotional practice.

My project table has been filled up with various projects but very little progress was made until quite recently. I spent a couple weeks finishing up some book binding and so now there’s fresh blank books on my Etsy store. (Click the pictures to be taken to the listings.)




Paperback copies of Worshiping Loki are in development. I’ve been working with a designer for a couple months now and everything will be ready before February; the idea is to have a bunch of copies to take with me to PCon but they’ll be for sale online and in ebook format, too.

October and November are very busy months for me in lots of ways. It’s a major period of ancestor work, like it is for many other people. Navaratri occurred in mid October so I recognized that, too. My dead folks were celebrated during All Soul’s/All Saints Days and I felt my Green allies pass from this world. This is a time of mourning and celebration and these are experiences that leave me very worn out.

And of course, my ritual observances continue. I’m brewing a blog post on the subject of purity and the emerging effect its had on my practice; I’d also like to write about divine absence. There are lots of things I’d like to write about. All my writing energy goes towards my job though; I don’t have much left over and I’m sorry.

At any rate, have a good month and stay safe and warm or cool, depending on what you need.


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