Shipping complete

The final pre-order copies of Worshiping Loki have been shipped; I’ve added tracking info to each Paypal invoice so everyone who ordered a copy should see an email with tracking information though it can take some time for the numbers to enter the USPS system and receive updates, especially for international orders.

As stated, there are still a few copies still available. The special pricing was only in effect during the pre-order period; each copy is $55 + $3.50 shipping (international shipping is available; please contact me for a shipping estimate if you require one).

This has been an enormous undertaking and so, so worthwhile. I’ve learned a lot about running this sort of project and with any luck the next time around I’ll be able to do it with even greater effectiveness. Yes – I’ll do another limited issue, hand bound book project in the future. I have no idea what that book might be about and it certainly won’t be offered anytime soon, but I’d love to do this again.


2 thoughts on “Shipping complete

    • Silence says:

      You’re certainly welcome! The books should start showing up to US destinations before the weekend but occasionally these books take a mysteriously long time to arrive.


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