Book making progress report

Like I said in my last book making update, I’m about 10 days behind schedule – which isn’t terrible, but nor is it what I wanted. To keep the process transparent, I’d like to share a picture of today’s production.


It might not look terribly exciting but these are some bound text blocks (the top stack) and some finished text blocks (the bottom stack). The finished ones are ready to be set into the cover boards. 😀

I realized I’ve been a bit reluctant to share pictures of the progress because for the most part, book binding looks pretty boring. There’s a lot of glue and stacks of paper. It’s not until everything is put together at the very end that it starts to look interesting. Still, everyone has given me a very profound gift of trust and I owe it to the many people who have supported this project to be as forthright as possible. A big batch of books will go under weight this evening, which means that the first wave of shipping will occur sometime tomorrow. I’ve had some car trouble this week but I can hop on the bus first thing in the morning and go down to the post office without too much difficulty (assuming that my gimpy leg is going to allow me that much walking).

I’m honored and humbled at the amazing support that has been shown for this project. It’s been a real adventure – and I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks again.


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