Welcome new readers

I’ve gotten a few new readers in the last couple weeks. Nice to see you; thanks for following.

For those who don’t know, I’m currently organizing a pre-order sale for a short book called Worshiping Loki: A Short IntroductionThe 20 hand bound volumes are just over half sold. The proceeds are helping get me to Many Gods West, a polytheist conference I’m presenting at in late July/early August, and will also help fund the publication of paperback and ebook versions of the same volume. This is a special presentation that won’t be duplicated; I promise it’s lovely. The book covers things like altar building, the whys of Loki worship, writing prayers, and deepening personal practice through discernment. I’ve also included a section of material on the feminine Loki in particular. (And yes, international shipping is available! Contact me for an estimate if you like.)

I also make and sell a number of items of interest to pagans and polytheists. My Etsy shop, Coffee At Midnight, has several sets of handmade prayer beads that are excellent for using in meditation, during Reiki or distance energy healing sessions, for worry beads, for counting breaths or prayers, or for dedicating to a particular deity or purpose. Many of these strings include vintage beads and findings. Most are glass, some are pearl, and one currently available is made with coral.

I also sell small necklaces that are designed to fit altar icons and statues. These can be used to adorn saint’s figures, deity figures, homemade statues, and even abstract icons. They’re designed to fit figures from popular lines such as Sacred Source and Dryad Designs. A lobster clasp at the back lets you easily place them on any figure you have.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI also sell hand bound devotional volumes. Right now I have volumes for Odin and Loki; Odin’s contains an English translation of the Havamal and Valkyrie’s Song (Darra Tharlioth) and Loki’s contains the Lokasenna and Lokka Tattur (Loki’s Tale). Each of these books are also available in custom versions (you choose the font face and size). I also sell hand bound collections of devotional or ritual material you provide. This is a great way to showcase your work in a highly personal way.


My Etsy shop also has hand bound blank books, magnetic scarf “pins” to secure headcoverings, tarot readings, and the occasional vintage item.

Thanks for reading. I’ll try to remain interesting. 🙂


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